Web Development – Developing the Internet

Posted by Sagar |27 Aug 17 |

Web Development – Developing the Internet

Have you ever wondered how the websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. are made? How are we able to access them by typing few words and pressing enter? The answer is Web Development. These giants of the Internet which are making millions and billions of dollars annually are nothing but some lines of code. Yes, these websites are nothing but some text and words written by a human with the help of his/her keyboard.
The fact that a bunch of lines of codes can make you a billionaire is a mind-boggling fact. If anyone wants to build websites like these, he/she must have a good grasp of the concept of web development.

Web development is the process of building websites by using different programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript etc and combining their different functions. As we know the Internet is a big network of websites which are built by us and provides services to us. Web development allows a person to build his/her own websites (built by us) and publish them on the Internet. Those websites can provide some value to the huge Internet Community (provides service to us).
Let’s learn some more details about the Web development and the programming languages which are used to build websites.



HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript these are the four most commonly used programming languages while developing a website. Let’s learn about their functions and see how do they contribute to making a website.

  1. HTML: – All the text that you read on the website is written with the help of HTML. HTML is a web page as a skeleton is to the human body. The basic structure of the web page is determined by the HTML.
  2. CSS: – CSS is used to beautify the webpage. While HTML handles the content and structure of the webpage CSS handles the font style, layout, color scheme, graphics etc.
  3. JavaScript: – JavaScript helps in loading the media like videos, images, etc. It provides interaction between the web page and the visitor. With the help of javascript, we can make dynamic web pages and very interactive websites.
  4. PHP: – PHP allows dynamic changes to occur on websites. If you want that your website should communicate with the server according to the user’s need then PHP is the language to look for. For ex: – Whenever you enter your Facebook username and password to login in Facebook. Then you are allowed to login if the username and password match the data in the Server’s Database.



Web development was and will remain a growing career field. Today you can earn up to 30$ per hour doing web development. The Median Annual Pay of Web development was 65,970 USD in 2015. The jobs are going to increase in the web development field for sure. Today you can work as a freelancer and can make money from home by doing Web Development Projects. The opportunities are vast. Successful web developers are those who enjoy their work.